Engineers manufacturers systems “2-in-1” tablets and smartphones are well aware that by today’s standards is not enough thin device is considered to be insufficiently advanced and less competitive almost automatically. A similar approach is professed and in the design of monitors, with the only difference that the thickness of the body is not as important as the width of the borders of the screen.

A truly frameless LCD panels on the market is a little bit, so the 6.3-mm border (side and top) of the new monitors Iiyama ProLite XU2492HSU and XUB2492HSU – more reason to be proud, and not vice versa between a 23.8-inch displays are different sizes and degrees of ergonomic stands: the model with the prefix XU is small and only allows you to tilt the screen. and in XUB – fairly large, with the possibility of height adjustment (0-130 mm) and rotate the screen vertically (portrait mode)

 Monitor Iiyama ProLite XU2492HSU / XUB2492HSU

in favor of new products is evidenced by such of especially as the application of IPS-matrix with anti-reflective coating, integration into the housing video input DisplayPort (along with HDMI and D-Sub) support mounts VESA 100 × 100 mm and low power consumption (typical – 16 W, maximum – 36 W).

 Monitor Iiyama ProLite XU2492HSU / XUB2492HSU

Devices ProLite XU2492HSU / XUB2492HSU characterized by a native resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (pixel pitch – 0.274 mm, density – 93 per inch), a response time of 5 ms (gray to gray), the highest level of brightness and static contrast 250 cd / m² and 1000: 1, respectively. Features eliminate visible flicker and glow blue filter reduce eye fatigue during prolonged work at a monitor. Confidence Iiyama in their products backed by a three-year warranty.

 Monitor Iiyama ProLite XUB2492HSU

XUB2492HSU model with a massive stand by as much as 1, 8 kg heavier than the “sisters” (5.4 kg vs. 3.6 kg). Without the support of 23.8-inch screen weighs 3.3 kg. The chassis displays, among other things, built-in stereo speakers with power 2 × 2 W, Kensington lock ( or similar) connectors USB 2.0 (2 pcs.) and USB 2.0 Type-B, as well as sockets Mini-Jack.

 Monitor Iiyama ProLite XU2492HSU / XUB2492HSU

There are new monitors Japanese manufacturer included: AC power adapter for networks 100-240, the power cord, interface cable, DisplayPort (1,8 m), HDMI, D-Sub, USB 2.0 and audio (all – 1.5 m). Products ProLite XU2492HSU / XUB2492HSU already received on sale in Japan. Their prices are 25.8 thousand. Yen (equivalent to 14.8 thousand. Rub.) And 28.8 thousand. Yen (16.5 thousand. Rub.), Respectively.