Robotics actively developed, which contributes to gradual replacement of human labor. Our site has been cited many examples where robots have successfully coped with the tasks that used to only trusted people. With the improvement of professional service robots and the reduction of their cost-intensive manual labor is displaced.

According to the analytical agency IHS, revenues in the sector of service robots in 2015 was $ 2, 6 billion. A total of 20 thousand of these robots have been shipped. According to experts, the industry is exploding. The average annual market growth of 46% in the period from 2015 to 2020. And after 2020 robots market will begin to grow even faster. Many projects are now is still at the prototype stage, the time will reach the stage of commercialization.


the IHS

“Given the high demand for professional service robots, the market will have a multi-billion dollar revenues” – said a senior analyst at IHS Wilmer Zhou (Wilmer Zhou). Among the most promising applications in which robots can take their weighty niche, called the rural industry, logistics, medicine and care (especially in Japan, Germany and other developed countries where the population is aging), help with the household.

Last year, the largest consumer of professional robots become North America that covered 35% of the world market by the number of robots shipped and 37% in monetary terms. High demand for robots is maintained in Europe, especially in the energy sector, civil defense services delivery and unloading. In the Asia-Pacific region is expected to more intensive annual growth – 50%. The leaders of Japan are here, and South Korea, especially in the segment of robots for home applications, and entertainment, as well as training of robots.