By now the first tests of Surface Studio are online a few days ago and it was only a matter of time before they could put iFixit your hands on a copy of the all-in-one from Microsoft. The teardown usual, though, proved to be a surprise, at least for one aspect of the internal components: an ARM processor which is not included in the technical specifications of the product .

Unlike all major components, the ARM processor is placed behind the display and not the base. Therefore, it is a PC with a processor with Intel x86 architecture, it is reasonable to assume that this is a co-processor that helps manage the many pixels of the 28-inch display PixelSense. The processor, in this case an Intel i5-6440HQ, it is confirmed, as initially suggested, of movable type or of the same type that is found in the laptop.

In line with expectations, however, is the poor repairability, with RAM, CPU and GPU soldered on motherboard: there is no hope of making a upgrade the internal configuration to purchase the valley. In contrast, however, the hybrid internal storage unit, with SATA interface, can be replaced easily, by virtue of its placement in the base (which is easily accessible).

Overall, at a Surface Studio of 5 repairability score was attributed to 10 matching very exciting result obtained dall’iMac 5K Apple. At least from this point of view will all agree that both companies could certainly do better.