Ideas for modern living rooms and dining rooms. Living room furniture.


We love modern spaces, from kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms. There are no clear rules that you establish when you are in a modern environment and when you are not. But if we can say that modern spaces are usually very close to the minimalist style, they are usually ordered, simple and functional. And something that is very common in current homes, are the integrated spaces. Especially, lately, it is opting to unify living rooms and dining rooms. And in many cases we even find kitchens integrated into the dining room. Here are some ideas for modern living rooms and dining rooms.

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<p style= The living room and dining room are not two more rooms in the house, because we are talking about spaces where, generally, everything happens in a house, and where the whole family is. Therefore we believe that we should not take lightly the choice of living room furniture, as the ideal is that the whole family can feel comfortable when sharing talks, or watching the favorite TV series.

Modern rooms in neutral tones

Something that we are seeing a lot lately in catalogs of furniture and in decoration magazines, is the use of neutral tones in modern spaces. Maybe we are used to associate a modern living room with white or bright colors, but it does not necessarily have to be that way. You can get a modern room with a black sofa, in gray, or maybe beige. A good alternative will be to accompany the chairs with some carpet in the same color or some other neutral color.

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<p style= That we opt for more sober tones does not mean that we should omit the color, none of that. We can give color to our living room with cushions in bright colors. As we see in the following image, a sofa in gray color, accompanied by cushions in orange and yellow colors. A very interesting combination.

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<p style= Decorative accessories are also ideal for adding color to a modern salon in neutral tones. For example the use of pictures or any type of ornaments.

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<p>Ideas for modern living rooms and dining rooms: a good TV can not miss</p>
<p style= Nowadays, there is no room without a television. What's more, the bigger the better. It is that we are in the era of multimedia, everything is expressed through video. And if it used to be a classic to gather the whole family to watch a movie in the living room, today we find families gathering watching videos of their favorite youtubers on a Smart TV. The truth is that you can not miss a good TV in a modern room, and for that it would be ideal to have a specific piece of furniture.

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<p>Multifunction furniture for modern living rooms</p>
<p style= We love furniture that fulfills various functions. For example, a TV cabinet that not only serves to place the television but also as a library, or with showcases to store and display the dishes. Yes, in this type of furniture it is important to be very orderly.

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<p style= Sometimes we have the need to separate environments no matter how much we like integrated spaces. In that case, a good alternative for a dining room, is to place a separator furniture in which we can place books, vases, picture frames or whatever we can think of. The ideal is to separate but let the light pass from one side to the other. Do you want more ideas for modern living rooms and dining rooms? Keep reading! There is still more …

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<p>Modern dining rooms</p>
<p style= We love the use of wood in modern dining rooms, and we refer to wood in natural color. In the following image we see the result of the combination of a dining table in natural wood and turquoise chairs and mat. Have you ever imagined this combination?

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<p> We can find different types of dining tables to get a modern space, but the choice of chairs can be as or more important than the table itself. The industrial style chairs are very interesting. Maybe they are associated with more vintage style decorations, but the truth is that sometimes "the old" is once again a trend. </p>
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<p style= We love informal dining rooms with chairs of different colors. The furniture in the dining room may not be modern, but if we add chairs of different colors we will make it look modern.

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