On the Western European market tablets is a tendency to fall in the volume of shipments. According to IDC, in the third quarter of 2016, these regions were shipped 8.2 million tablets of all types, which is 6.7% less compared to the same period last year. However, as experts note, from July to September, the Europeans spent on their purchase of a total of 2.5 billion euro, ie 4.8% more than in the third quarter of 2015.

Due to such models as the iPad Pro, Western European tablet market grew in value terms

turned out to be the fastest growing segment of the models costing more than € 600 – he added to last year’s figure of 66.7% at once, so that the proportion of these devices has reached the level of 10.6% . it is noteworthy that more than half (52.2%) of tablets in this price range come with attachable keyboard, and a year ago, their number did not exceed 26.5% of the overall structure.

 Hybrid solutions with attachable keyboards make up more than half of the market tablets worth more than € 600

Hybrid solutions with attachable keyboards make up more than half the cost of the tablet market more than 600

According to analysts, it is an increasing demand for models “2-in-1”, as well as an increasing introduction of tablets in the business sector have become a “locomotive” of the market growth tablets in monetary terms. Thus, delivery devices with removable keyboard increased by 48.4% year on year, business models – 13.1%. This hybrid solutions share reached 21.9% of the total shipped in the III quarter of the tablet, while a year ago the figure was 13.8%. The leaders in this category Transformers Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface, which accounted for 46.4% of shipments.

With regard to the classical tablets, their segment of the Western European market declined by 15.5%, which was the main reason for reduce supply “consumer” Tablet PCs 10.8%.