ICloud users suffering from obsessive spam


Around the middle of November, users of cloud service iCloud drew attention to the large amount of advertising notifications that compulsively are sent via the application “Calendar” and iCloud Photo Sharing is noteworthy that just delete or reject the message does not work -. this leads only to increase response spam messages. currently, no one staff tool OS X, iOS and iCloud does not allow to guard against sending such letters, although Apple said that already block the spammer accounts.

If the advertisement with invitations comes through iCloud Photo Sharing, simply turn off at the function. in the case of Calendar all somewhat more complicated. The fact is that when you press any of the buttons, you confirm that your account is valid and provoke spammers to send more and more spam -priglasheniya.

 Apple iCloud

empirically two temporary solutions to this problem have been proposed. First, log in iCloud account through a Web browser and through the “Settings” redirect all event invitations to your email. So spam will not be displayed in the “Calendar”, and from the electronic mailbox, you can simply delete all unwanted messages. The second solution is to create an additional calendar called Spam. There you can move the already received an invitation to then delete the entire calendar. Account, send letters, do not know that you rejected the invitation, and do not continue to broadcast.

Let us hope that in the near time, Apple will solve this problem, and users do not have to use such “crutches”.

Source: MacRumors.com

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