Hyundai – brand from South Korea


Automobiles Hyundai since 1967 made South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company. It ranks fourth among the largest enterprises to produce cars. The company’s founder – a simple mechanic Chung Ju-Yong, started his career with a garage. In the first years of its activity the company has released a small order from the American concern Ford several cars and one truck model.

In the early seventies, Hyundai entered the four companies that have received permission from the South Korean government on the production of cars. And in early 1974 it started to produce its own first model Hyundai Pony. It is a compact car for the middle class, designed by the Italian masters.

In the eighties, the company has released a number of vehicles scheduled for the year – about fifty thousand. In autumn 1988 there was popular in today’s day is the first model sedan Sonata, but after eight years from the conveyor descended sports model Coupe.

Hyundai: ¬ęThe new thinking, new possibilities”

The year 1998 was important for the the Hyundai companies when it was able to absorb a large Korean manufacturer Kia Motors vehicles. A few years later we signed a strategic alliance with the German carmaker Daimler Chrysler, which lasted for several years. Already in 2006, the Hyundai plant consists of five companies, and he had the status of the world’s largest plant for the automotive industry.

In late 2007, Hyundai signed a contract to build a car plant in the Russian Federation. The locations where the city of St. Petersburg, where the Kamenka industrial zone. Construction lasted two years and was completed in the fall of 2010. Under the project, the plant’s production capacity reaches two hundred thousand passenger cars per year. This amount is calculated equally between the two companies – Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors. In 2011 the company started production of Hyundai Solaris model, which is produced on the Russian market. Kia Motors at the same time worked on the car Kia Rio also for Russia.

To date, Hyundai has car plants in the following countries: South Korea, Turkey, Russia, India, China, North America, Brazil, Czech Republic. The South Korean city of Ulsan is the largest worldwide car assembly plant of the company. There were five thousand dealers in all countries where products are distributed Hyundai Group. The company has a slogan: “New thinking, new possibilities”


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