The prepaid cards have become indispensable to shop online, avoid queues at the stores, and send or receive small amounts of money . Too bad that them is not always easy, we often must bear in an office, you must fill out piles of paperwork and you have to wait endless days so that it is completed the card activation procedure. They wasted time do not end there, some prepaid cards provide convoluted procedures, and often expensive, even when it comes to having to recharge. In short, these payment instruments are very useful, comfortable, but often their use is ruined by unnecessary red tape. Fortunately, something is happening in this area and that some companies are able to provide solutions for money management really “smart.”

Among the payment “smart” solutions I’ve tested in recent times there HYPE an e-money account with an associated one of the Mastercard circuit card (both physical and virtual ) that allows a complete money management from smartphones. You can activate, manage and use comfortably from your smartphone no red tape and no costs related to transfers or other transactions. HYPE also includes a technology that allows you to pay directly from their smartphone at the physical stores, no need neither paper nor cash. The card can be requested free of charge and is delivered directly to the user’s home. The account also has its own IBAN and can be recharged in a totally free manner by effecting a transfer from current account, using another card accept Visa / MasterCard, demanding sums of money to their contacts and / or taking advantage of the function charging of ATMs enabled “QuiMultibanca” circuit.

The creation of the account takes just over 5 minutes, while its activation is generally carried out within half an hour. You can do from the comfort of your smartphone or PC: just insert your data, take a few pictures to your identity card (or your driving license) and you’re done. After the procedure you can start using your account to make online purchases, send wire transfers, recharge your mobile phone and exchange of money with your contacts. The physical card to make purchases in stores comes straight at home over 2 to 5 days (depending on the region where you live). Another peculiarity of HYPE that I consider very interesting is the ability to set the targets, ie the activities that require a certain budget and that the application helps to achieve alerting you when you spend too much in a month and proposing of the offers “bespoke” for the purchase of different products. If you want to know more and want to better discover how HYPE, read on, are all explained below.

HYPE How much does it cost?

Let’s start from the question you’ll be asking before any other: HYPE really free? The answer is yes, but with some limitations.

As mentioned previously, HYPE There is no charge activation, provides the payment card in a completely free and does not include costs for payments, top-ups or credit transfers. However his offer Free presents the daily and annual ceilings beyond which you can not go.

More in detail, with the free plan HYPE Start you can upload to your account up to € 2,500 per year and you can not make day refills over 500 euro (250 euro for each card ). In addition there is a ceiling of 250 euro per day for withdrawal via ATM.

To raise these thresholds must sign the plan HYPE Plus which costs 1 euro / month and allows you to upload up to 50,000 € a year on their own. The daily limit will also charge a € 4,990 while for withdrawal from ATM there is a daily limit of 1,000 Euros (500 Euros for single withdrawal).

clarified this fundamental aspect of HYPE, I would say go to the point and immediately see how to register free.

How to open an account HYPE

As already explained at the beginning of the post, to open an account with HYPE just fill out some online form and take some pictures to an identification document (as well as a selfie to themselves with the document d ‘identity in hand). When finished you receive a confirmation email and, within 24 hours, you will be notified of the activation of your account. Upon activation, you must set a password to access the account and you can start to send or receive through HYPE.

The opening of the account can be made either by smartphone using the official app of HYPE is through PC / Mac using a computer equipped with a webcam and a choice of Chrome browser and Firefox. The camera is used to photograph the identity card and to take selfies with the identification document. Personally I advise you to register to HYPE using the phone, the more comfortable I feel.

Then open the store of your smartphone, try HYPE in the latter and download the application by pressing on the appropriate buttons. The app is compatible with all latest versions of Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so regardless of the brand of your smartphone you should have no problems in procurartela.


download is complete, start the app by HYPE, displays the initial presentation of the service and press it before the button Learn HYPE and then Register to HYPE to start creating your Free account.

Now you have to fill out the first form is proposed to you by typing name name tax code and email address in the appropriate fields text, then you must press the Continue button and prepare to fill out a second form.


The second module consists of five areas: identity and Date and place of birth that are automatically populated by the system according to the tax code data, then Contacts residence and Documents . In Contacts must enter twice your email address and your mobile number; in residence you must enter your residence address, while in the field Document you have to choose the document with which to verify your identity (eg. identity card or license ) and you have to enter the information: document number expiration date etc. At the end of the filling presses the Continue button to move on.


At this point you have to choose if you want only the virtual card HYPE or even ask for physical HYPE paper totally free (choice but you should). After selecting the option to your preference, put the check mark next to the items related to the processing of personal data and conditions of use service and make “tap” on Continue to move on to identity verification through document.


To verify your identity you have to take some photos with your smartphone’s camera. First, then presses the button Take pictures realizes a selfie you hold your identity document in hand and go forward .

In the next step of the procedure you have to take two shots to the identification document, one for the front and one for the back of the same. Crushing and therefore the button Take photos to the front of photographs the front from your identity card or your license, and repeat the same operation for the back pressing the document on button Take photos to the back . Make sure that the photos are sharp and “readable.” Then “tap” on button Send All and that’s it.


Now you have submitted your request for account opening (operation that is you should also be notified via email) and you have to wait a few hours so that it is accepted.

If for one reason or the other you prefer to open your account from a PC, connected to HYPE website using Chrome or Firefox, click on SIGN UP FREE button and fill out the modules that you are offered. The information to be inserted are the same as we have just seen together in the sign-up process from smartphones (the only difference is you have to take pictures with your webcam and not with the phone.)


How to activate an account HYPE

When you submit your request, within 24 hours you will receive an email to notify you of the activation of the account. To start using the service, presses on Create codes button in the message and complete the form that is proposed to you by entering tax code mobile number and email address .


At this point, presses the button Continue and type the of verification codes that were sent to you via SMS and email. The operation is completed, you “tap” on the button Continue and set password access to your account, which must consist of 8 alphanumeric characters.

After setting the password, choose one secret questions and set two security responses by typing in the appropriate text fields you will need in case of emergency for the password recovery. After pressing on Continue and enjoy your behalf. You are officially entered the world of HYPE!


How to use HYPE

To access your account, launch the app HYPE on your phone and sign in using the combination of email address and password you chose at registration. If you use a mobile phone equipped with a sensor for fingerprint recognition (eg. IPhone 5s and later), put the check mark next to it is located at the bottom will run for the next log in using fingerprint recognition.

After type the security code comes to you via text, presses on button Confirmation and begins to use your account and follow the signs I’m about to give you.

Recharge HYPE

To add funds to your account HYPE (and the card associated to the latter) you can make a bank transfer from current account a payment from another credit card of Visa and MasterCard with the safety systems Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code; you can use the charging function available at the more than 8,000 branches ATM enabled “QuiMultibanca” circuit or you can request the sums of money to your contacts.

To recharge the account by bank transfer or paper presses on ‘ icon to burgers located at the top left in the main screen of HYPE and select the item Reload HYPE from the toolbar which appears from the side. Then choose whether recharge card with or discover IBAN for the transfer .


In the case of charging by credit card or debit card, you must enter the amount to be added to the account and you need to enter your card details into the form. You can then choose whether to store the paper for future operations or if it “forget” to HYPE.

Pay with HYPE

Pay with HYPE is easy, both online and in physical stores. To purchase goods or services on the Internet just choose to make a payment by credit card and enter the details of your card HYPE (virtual and / or real). The card information you can view them by pressing on ‘ icon to burgers located at the top left in the application of HYPE and selecting the icon of credit card which is in the top of the bar that appears sideways.


To make purchases in physical stores can use the physical payment card which is used in all the shops in the Mastercard circuit even in contactless mode. In addition, in the coming months it will be possible to pay directly with your smartphone at all stores that accept the micro-payment systems: this way you can jump queues at the checkout, frantic search of money in his wallet and other waste of time.

Activate the physical payment card

If you have requested your physical payment card, wait 2-5 days so that this will be mailed directly to your home and activate it using the application of HYPE. To be precise, you need to do it is to press on ‘ icon to burgers located at the top left in the main screen of the app and select the icon of credit card from the toolbar which appears from the side.

Subsequently, you have to press the button Enable physical card and enter the CVV code on the back of the physical card to complete its activation.

Another important thing to know is that paper can be put into “pause” and reactivated when needed. This means you can prevent anyone using your card in the periods in which you want to put it in “pause” and you can re-enable it as soon as you need to make payments; you can do it all with a couple of “tap” in the application of HYPE. To be precise, you have to press on ‘ icon to burgers located in the upper left, you have to select the icon card credit card in the sidebar and you have to move to ON or OFF the lever located under the graphic representation of the paper.

Another interesting detail of this card, plus the ability to recharge it for free and take no commission anywhere in the world, is the protection offered by MasterCard “always protected and anywhere”, which reimburses unauthorized purchases.


Sending and receiving of payments

How abundantly pointed out earlier, HYPE makes sending and receiving extremely easy money. Transactions take place in real time and provide no cost.

To send a sum of money to a friend or relative, presses on ‘ icon to burgers located at the top left in the application of HYPE and select the item Send to friends from the toolbar that appears sideways. Alternatively, if you’re on the home screen of the app, presses the icon of notes located at the top right. If you do not see the “Send to friends” option in the sidebar, making a swipe up or down to “scroll” all options available in the app.

Now, select the name of the person you want to send the money (if you use an iPhone to make sure you allow access to the address book by the app), indicates the amount to be shipped in the Tell insert a message in the text field and presses the button Confirmation to complete the operation.

You can also send money to people who do not have an account yet HYPE. The latter will receive a message by which subscribe to the service and collect their sum of money. In the menu for the selection of contacts you can view the list of friends already enrolled in HYPE selecting the Hypers .


To request a sum of money to your contacts, presses on ‘ to hamburger icon located at the top left and select the item Request to friends from the toolbar that appears to side.

In the screen that opens, select the contacts you want to request money, presses on the item Request money xx contacts that appears at the bottom and fill out the form that is proposed to you with the required sum (plus accompanying message).


Statistics and notifications

The money management with HYPE is made easier by a series of statistics that allow you to keep under control inputs and outputs.

In the home screen are two boards: that of motion with all inputs and outputs and that of targets we will discuss shortly. Up instead find the money may spend that the available balance on your account. Pressing on the figure for the balance you can see a summary which also includes the scheduled payments and figures committed to the objectives.


To display the latest statistics on your account, presses on ‘ icon to burgers which is located on the top left, select the your photo present in the bar that appears sideways and make “tap” icon Statistics present in the screen that opens. If a photo for your profile, press it on circle present in the summary screen of your account and choose whether to click a selfie in real time or use a photo already in the roll of the smartphone have not yet set.

From the same screen you can also set notifications that the app must send you when you spend too much for certain purchases and / or when your balance reaches certain thresholds: a useful function to avoid “wasteful spending”!


Objectives and offers

Another HYPE function that allows you to avoid “wasteful spending”, or rather, to save for major purchases is named objectives .

By setting a goal in HYPE (eg. The purchase of a new smart phone or booking a vacation for the summer) you can make sure that the application give you a hand to adjust your expenses and achieve the purpose fixed.

To add a goal in HYPE, select the tab Objectives from the home screen (or select the appropriate item from the left sidebar) and presses on button (+) . Next, type in the ‘ total amount you intend to achieve, indicates do you want to buy the date by which you need to purchase, specify sum you’ve already set aside to achieve your aim and presses on Save button. From this point on, HYPE will help you save every day until reaching your goal.


Another tool that allows you to achieve your goals is related to offers . Every day, according to your actions and objectives that you have set in your application, HYPE notify you of offers that could help you save the money needed to earn you the smartphone of your dreams or the journey for your deserved holidays.

Transfer funds and phone cards

HYPE not only allows you to make online / offline payments, to exchange money with other people, it also allows you to make transfer to any account and charge your phone bills of any mobile .

To access these features, press it on ‘ icon to burgers located at the top left of the HYPE main screen, make a couple of swipe up and select the item Send transfer or the Reload cell .


Then type the “coordinates” of the account or mobile phone to send the money, presses the button Confirm / Continue and that’s it.

It should be stressed that there are no costs even for credit transfers and telephone top-ups. This means that you can send money to any bank account and recharge the credit of any national SIM without paying commissions whatsoever.

In short, I were you I would not wait any more time and would try once HYPE . Just a very few clicks (or a few “tap”) for a free account ready to use!

Article realized in collaboration with Hype.