Huawei P9 Plus is upgraded to version B181 | No brand ITA


Huawei recently released an update to its dedicated P9 Plus the top of the P9 family range. We sighted the upgrade, which brings the system version to B181 on a no brand model ITA, so expect news related to the spread even on branded variants of the operators.

The complete serial number of the update is WAY-LO9C432B181 has a weight of 546MB and, unfortunately, comes with a changelog localized in Lithuanian probably a mistake by Huawei. Below we offer the translation of the changelog in Italian, remembering that, having been a translation that, inevitably, is also due to go through Google Translate, would be some imperfection . We will be sure to update this article when it becomes available an official Italian changelog, while at end of article you will find the screen of the currently proposed.

New Products

Added the ability to print the emails Introduced the ability to save videos slow motion as a new file


Fixed a problem viewing the weekly calendar view, previously localized Fixed a problem that prevented the correct display of some user interface elements


Optimized the display of the device name to make it consistent with all elements of the interface Optimized the quality of incoming calls when you use a headset Optimized several links in the dropdown menu Optimize multiple screens of widgets Improved Improved contact interface the input method Swipe Huawei Huawei P9 Plus Source

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