A few weeks later of its formal submission Huawei has started distributing a new and important software update for its latest device Mate 9 .

The new update, the “burden” of 553MB leads to the build MHA-L20C432B126 which introduces a number of particularly important innovations such as the restoration of the icons in the status bar for notifications, an improved display of Gmail notifications, new security patches, and more.

Added value 6x zoom for photos to clearer away Additions notifications in the status bar to request for public Wi-Fi occurs. Optimized setting clearer status for a display bar Introduced security patches of November Restore the icons of the app notifications in the status bar. (It will also be possible to return to the display with the numbers through the system settings) General improvements to the room for faster shots with 2x zoom.

With this new update, finally, Huawei enhances still more the 5.0 EMUI bringing it to an almost final version and ready for the European market.

Giuseppe Ricchiari VIA