Huawei buys Toga Networks, an Israeli telecommunications company


Huawei bought Toga Networks, an Israeli company specializing in the IT and telecommunications services and technologies

Huawei bought Toga Networks, a company based in Israel that provides “advanced technology research and high-level design for the IT and telecommunications markets”, in a deal worth about $ 150 million. The news was reported by the Israeli head Calcalist, citing data from research firm Zirra which estimates the deal at about 150 million, although this figure could increase if certain conditions are met.

Huawei and Toga entertain from a time collaboration, although the exact nature of the partnership is not entirely clear to date. Some past reports have suggested that Toga may simply be a subsidiary of Huawei, however, both companies have denied this rumor. “Toga Networks is a privately held company,” said a spokesman for the company in the Wall Street Journal in June. “It does not give the public all the information related to its activities or its connections with customers.”

Huawei also reiterated that Toga Networks is not a subsidiary but was using the company as a research partner . “Huawei believes that remain open to innovation is the key to development of the industry,” said a spokesman for Huawei. Toga Networks designs and develops a range of products for the telecommunications industry, including switches and routers, as well as cloud storage systems and data center applications.

fully in line with those activities that Huawei – remember – is not just a smartphone manufacturer but is also the largest supplier of global telecommunications equipment in terms of turnover, surpassing rivals such as Ericsson and Cisco.

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