HP Company, reported online sources, has released a new workstation Z1 G3, formed as a monoblock desktop.

presented a modification of the system “all in one” is based on the Core i3-6100 processor, the Intel. This article refers to Skylake generation. Chip producing 14-nanometer technology, has four processing cores and a graphics accelerator Intel HD Graphics 530. The clock speed of 3.7 GHz.

-piece workstation is equipped with a display with a diagonal of 23.6 inches. The screen is based on the IPS matrix; it has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K / UHD format).

The computer can carry on board up to 64 GB of RAM DDR4-2133. As the storage capacity of the hard disk is used to 1TB with a spindle speed of 7200 rpm.

The role of the software platform is a 64-bit operating system Windows 10 Pro. Buy workstation Z1 G3 modification on Intel Core i3 processor is possible for an estimated price of 700 US dollars.