Since last week, compatible cartridges have stopped working on some HP printers of the business line (typically appliances line OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro and Officejet Pro X ). HP itself has confirmed to Wired USA which was a voluntary decision, and dictated by the need to “protect the innovations and

intellectual property of HP.”

In practice, HP wants you to use only the original cartridges ; there goes a great imagination to conclude that the end of the operation is the last preserve a source of revenue rather important for society ( second Ars business printer is about 41 percent new HP Inc. ). The first discovery was 123inkt a Dutch company that received economic cartridges, he says, more than 1,000 reports in just one day by understandably angry users.

It is not yet clear as this new protection has been activated : some say that the printer has received firmware updates in recent days, while 123inkt itself claims that the latest update firmware for one of the “offending” printers has come in the second half of March 2016. If so, it would mean that HP has included, at some point in the past, a “timer” for the activation of the control, which expired precisely in these days. the consequences can be disastrous for printers : if you try to send a print job, you receive an error message indicating that the cartridge has “previous generation”, “damaged” and needs to be replaced. However, when the door cartridges do not show up for replacement. Close again, try again to print, returns the error.

There is however some glimmer. HP, for example, specified that the original ink cartridges refilled with another should continue to operate; 123inkt, meanwhile, has already declared to be able to produce new chips are able to circumvent the new HP control.