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The Lenovo ZUK Z2 is an interesting terminal and Source has already reviewed here in the pro version. One of the weaknesses highlighted by Antonio was the lack of Italian language and the presence of some Chinese app. In modding to solve both problems the first step is to unlock the bootloader .

Once again we are proud to present our hack which allows you to release on Bootloader on Lenovo ZUK Z2 and we publish a preview of .

Warning : this procedure will void your warranty and may compromise the functionality of your device. Also with this procedure you will not have the OTA available and your internal memory will be formatted. Also before you perform this procedure, perform a backup of all your data! [

Pre-requirements: PC with Windows ; Lenovo ZUK Z2 or Z2 Pro ; connection cable USB ; adb / fastboot HERE ; Installation adb / fastboot: Go here to download the ‘ SDK of Android ; Proceed to install the files. Unlock the Bootloader: From your device go to “ About -> Version ZUI” , scroll down and click on “ Build number ” continuously until when it will not be shown a message to the screen; Go back to your “ Setting ” menu and go to “ Advanced settings / Developers option “, scroll, then, down by activating the debug USB ;


Go to the menu Settings / About / Status

2016-07-09 (1)

Write down your serial number (S / N). Now if it is 8 characters do not have to do anything as if the characters are 6 you have to add two 00 end such as to get to occupy all 8 characters.


Connect your phone PC via cable USB ; Remember to accept the RSA key by flagging them off as soon as you see the message on the phone; Go in Fastboot / ADB directory folder , hold the key “ Shift “, click with the right of Mouse and then again click “ Open command window here “; To test the connection to the device (must appear on S / N ), in the terminal window you just opened, type:

adb devices

Start mode bootloader or fastboot . To do this, you can run the command code, while the device is connected to the PC:

adb reboot bootloader

Now, the ZUK Z2 is not recognized as a device, you must specify the ‘ id OEM . The code “-i 0x2b4c , any command fastboot must be suffixed with the following code:

-i 0x2b4c

Now, go to this website:

Place your SN and wait for the email


Copy the file unlock_bootloader.img in the adb directory Now type the command for unlocking:

fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash unlock unlock_bootloader.img

once you get the confirmation message, you must enter following command ( that will format your internal memory ):

-i 0x2b4c fastboot oem unlock-go

Ƞpossibile disconnect the cable USB .

Thanks to Team Raimondo Martyr

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