You are considering whether to subscribe to a streaming music service but before your wallet, would you better understand which of these offers possibility of listen to music offline ? No problem, I’m here just to give you a hand. And I am pleased to inform you that you have many choices at your disposal.

By now all the major music streaming platforms allow you to download songs, albums and playlists locally and listen offline. You just choose the one that seems best suited to your needs, and what, in your opinion, offers the best sound quality (as we shall see shortly, each service compresses songs using a technology and a different bit rates).

The download of the tracks can be both your computer and on smartphones and tablets, also it is to emphasize the ability to upload files locally on your PC and sync online with all of the devices associated with your account. The price is about 10 euro per month for all services after a free trial period granted to new members. Now, however, let us not lose further talk and try to understand what the streaming platform that best suits your needs. Have fun!

Listen to music offline on Spotify

Let’s start with Spotify the music streaming service most used around the world. To activate the offline download songs on Spotify must subscribe to the Premium plan of service, which normally costs 9,99 € / month but for new clients and for those who return after several months of your account deactivation can be offered to discount (eg. 3 months premium to the price of one or 1-month trial to 99 cents).

There is also a plan family for 14.99 € / month can be used by up to 6 users (not necessarily relatives, so it’s a good way to share the cost with friends ). The subscription of the Premium plan enables to download albums, songs and playlists on your computer and on smartphones and tablets. The file format is Ogg Vorbis with a maximum of 320kbps quality . Let’s see how to proceed.

  • How to download music from Spotify for PC / Mac – the desktop version of Spotify enables playback offline only for songs and albums added to the playlist. The first step that you must do, therefore, is to identify the song or album to download to your computer (by performing a normal search within the application), click on button (…) which is next the title and select Add to playlist in the menu that opens. At this point you can choose to create a new playlist (perhaps exclusively dedicated to an album) or add the selected songs to existing playlist . The operation is completed, select the playlist name to be saved offline from the left sidebar, move to ON its lever to the Available offline and you’re done. You can download a playlist that already exists (created by other users of Spotify), click on its cover and then the button Follow present in the screen that pops up, then select the playlist name from the left sidebar and moves to oN the lever relative to the Available offline .

Come ascoltare musica offline

  • How to download music from Spotify for smartphones and tablets – even the mobile version of Spotify allows you to download local music (again only for premium members). On smartphones and tablets, in addition, there is the option to enable offline playback for albums and tracks without first turn them into playlists. The procedure is simple.

    • You can download an album or a playlist offline, look for it in the application, select its cover and move to ON the lever relative to the Download .
    • As for the songs, you can follow two different ways: create a playlist and download the local playlist, or add songs to your library and activate the offline library playback. In both cases, the first step you need to take is to press the button (…) placed next to the song title to download. Then you have to decide whether to add the song to your library, selecting Save from the menu that pops up, or if to add it to a playlist (using the appropriate option present in the same menu ). When the operation is completed, to activate playback offline library or playlist, went in the Your Library> Playlists> Playlist name or in the Your Library> Songs and move to oN the lever relative to the Download .

Come ascoltare musica offline

  • How to add local files to Spotify – Spotify allows you to also play music songs on your PC. Just go to the menu with Settings software, click on Add button a source and select the folder with the tracks to import. In addition, putting the check mark next to the items iTunes Download Windows Media Player and My music still allow users to import program automatically all the files in your iTunes library, Windows Media Player and in the default folders on your computer. The songs will all be available in the Local File application computer. To have them on smartphones and tablets have to add them to a playlist, open the playlist on your mobile device and activate the lever Download (to ensure that the synchronization process is successful, the PC and smartphone / tablet must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

Come ascoltare musica offline

On Android, there are modified versions of Spotify and modules for Xposed that allow for some of Spotify Premium functionality without a subscription fee. I personally do not recommend you the because in contrast to the terms of Service and not to enable the offline download songs (feature we are talking specifically in this tutorial.)

If you need more information on how Spotify or how to download songs from Spotify read my tutorial dedicated to this famous music streaming platform.

Listen to music offline on Apple Music

Come ascoltare musica offline

Now we move on to Apple Music the music streaming service from Apple that is available for Mac and PC via iTunes for iPhone and Android through special app (on iOS is integrated directly in the Music) . Even Apple Music allows you to listen to music offline and, thanks to the Music Library iCloud, able to integrate seamlessly with the iTunes library. This means that songs, playlists and albums downloaded from Apple Music are displayed normally in your iTunes library as if it were content purchased from the iTunes Store or uploaded from a computer folder.

Apple Music does not provide free plans: coast 9,99 € / month after an initial trial period of three months or 14.99 € / month for a family membership that it supports up to 6 users. You can also save some money by purchasing a Music about subscribing to Apple how to pass music from PC to iPhone .

Listen to music offline on Google Play Music

Come ascoltare musica offline

Another music streaming platform that’s definitely worth to consider is Google Play Music which you can use directly from the browser (by connecting to download music on your phone take a look at my post in which you I pointed out all of the best music shops of the moment.

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  • If you need help to synchronize the music you have downloaded to your PC with your mobile phone, read my guide on how to transfer music mobile phone .