One of the most significant developments of Mafia 3 obviating the epochal change is the inclusion of new system of partners . Throughout the game we partner with several characters and let them various favors (missions, challenges, etc), so you get unlock weapons, upgrades and other aids that will make us easier when face rival gang life. Here’s how to become a member of Cassandra and bring us benefits.

Cassandra, a leading Haitian

Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian Mafia. To associate with it we just start missions favor. The advantages we report are as follows:

  • Trafficker basic weapons: Purchase weapons on the fly

  • Cemí Screamer: A distraction device that can be launched

  • Armero: Improved accuracy

  • Operator: Cut the phone for 2 minutes

  • Armero: increased capacity ammunition

  • Cemi Screamer (Smoke)

  • Armero: Improved stability

  • Operator: Cut the phone for 5 minutes

  • Cemí Screamer (Explosive)

  • Armero: over Barrage

  • Operator: Cut your phone and warns reinforcements

Among the most notable improvements are operating aids that allow us to disable the phone line to avoid witnesses or call reinforcements and quick recharge indicates that as well allows us to recharge faster.

will unlock three characters: Jackie DuVernay discreet arms dealer, Clifton Jean-Baptiste a gunsmith to modify guns and Jennifer Moran who works as operator and will help us altering the operation of the telephone line


said there is only start out to help Cassandra to get all the bonus offered by us, yes, Try also complete other missions please thus you will go gaining confidence with every character and getting all the possible upgrades. Remember that in Xombit Games can find more guides Mafia 3 such as which are the best weapons. Regarding the flaws and bugs that had the game launch, just waiting for a patch.