Do you need to “refurbish” your PC and reinstall the operating system but do not know how to do because the DVD player Computer it broke? Fear not, formatting the PC without CD is possible and I can explain to you how to proceed. Resorting to the use of the tools that I am to notify and following the step-by-step my directions be able to overcome this obstacle in a more than brilliant, you have my word.

How you say? It is not very experienced in computer and themes that the procedure to be put in place to format your PC without CD is too complicated for you? But no, you have absolutely no reason to be alarmed, really! Contrary to appearances and beyond what you might think, format the PC with no CD is in fact a procedure that can put all without encountering problems in practice. To succeed “enterprise” is indispensable to have a little patience and attention as well as half an hour or so of free time, well keep this in mind. All you need to do is pour the operating system installation disc to a USB stick and use it to format your computer instead of the classic CD / DVD. Alternatively, you can resort to the use of special recovery tools attached to the system. However do not worry, I will point you to everything in detail, both in terms of Windows that as far as Linux and OS X .

Having clarified this, then, if you’re really interested in finding out how to proceed in order to format your PC without CD I invite you to put yourself well before your computer comfortable and focused on reading this guide. I am sure that eventually you will be able to tell you more than satisfied, and that the first good chance you will also be ready and well available to explain to your friends in need of a similar straight how. We bet?

Format CD without Windows and Linux

The first step you need to take to be able to format your PC without CD is to get you a ‘ ISO image Windows or Linux installation disk.

In the case of Windows, the situation is a bit complicated in the sense that there are Web sites that allow you to legally download the ISO images of the operating system (to be activated after the installation with your license code) but they are not very easy to find, especially for what concerns the Italian edition of the OS. It is much easier – and faster – to use a computer with optical drive to transform the Windows installation DVD to an ISO image using ImgBurn or other special programs for burning. I will explain step-by-step procedure to follow in my tutorial on how to extract ISO files from CD and DVD . As for the operating system of the penguin there is no problem: just connect to the Web site of your favorite distro (eg. Ubuntu ), and download from there making sure to choose the most suitable version of the software to your PC (32 or 64 bit).

Once obtained the ISO image of the operating system you want to install on your PC, you need to download Rufus . It is a small free program for Windows that allows you to create Windows installation USB flash drives or Linux starting from the ISO files of these operating systems.

To download the software on your PC Click here then click on the link Rufus 2.x portable placed at the center of the Web page that went to open up, under the heading Download . Afterwards, start the file rufus-2.2p.exe just downloaded and click on the first Run and then Yes to access the home page of the program. If the downloaded file does not start you can fix by downloading an older version of the program you can get by clicking on the entry Other versions always attached under the heading Download in the Web page of the software .

Now, connects to a computer USB at least 4GB of free space, then be sure that in the Device / Unit Rufus appears selected the ‘correct units namely that relating to the pendrive and set MBR partition scheme for BIOS and UEFI-CSM in the partition scheme and target system type . Next, set the item ISO Image from the drop down menu located next to the entry Create bootable disk with and click the CD icon which is located next door.

Then select the ISO image of Windows or Linux you want to use to create your USB stick and click on the first Start and then OK to start copying the files on key. This will last 10-15 minutes and will delete the entire contents of your device, so make sure you save any important files in it before starting.

Come formattare il PC senza CD

Now that you finally have at your disposal the key with the image of the operating system can take action real and go to format the CD without a PC. Then restart the computer without removing the pendrive with the ISO image of the newly created operating system with Rufus. Doing it this way should automatically start the procedure by which to format the operating system. If the computer that you want to format using the pendrive with the ISO image of the operating system is not in use disconnect the stick from your PC, connect it to a USB port on the multimedia station you want to work and then restart your computer. Wait so that the formatting process is started.

If it is not automatically booted from the USB stick, but part of Windows normally, you have to access the BIOS of your computer to configure the USB drive as the primary boot drive (first hard disk and DVD drives). To find out in detail how to do it, read my guide on how to enter the BIOS .

Screenshot del BIOS

to start the USB stick with which to format the computer when it starts up, press any key on the keyboard when you see the words Press any key to boot from USB . Wait so they load Windows or Linux files and go on with the formatting process / operating system installation as you would using the classic operating system DVD. For more complete instructions, I refer you to my guides on how to install Windows 10 how to install Windows 8 how to format Windows 7 formatting Windows Vista how to install Windows XP and how to install Ubuntu .

Come formattare il PC senza CD

If you use a notebook or a netbook, keep in mind that many of these computers have within them a recovery partition that allows you to format your PC without CD by not having to use a pendrive as I indicated to you in previous rows. In that case, all you have to do is restart your computer and press the key combination shown in the start screen of the laptop, usually Alt + F10 or F9 . If you can not access the recovery partition on the computer, try searching for the right combination of keys on Google by typing your netbook model of partition recovery taking care to insert in place of your netbook model on your computer model.

Once logged in to the computer’s recovery partition, it should start automatically the procedure whereby format your PC without CD. To complete the operation, follow the simple wizard that comes proposal screen. For further details, you can always abide by the procedures set out in the guides that I reported to you in the previous rows, when I proceeded to explain how to format / install the operating system.

Format CD without OS X

If instead of formatting the PC without CD going to intervene on Windows or Linux you like to figure out how to proceed with a Mac know that you can do this using the online restore function offered by Apple itself which downloads the operating system directly from the Internet without the need for CD, DVD or flash drives.

to access the OS X recovery mode, you must restart your computer and hold down cmd + r on the Mac keyboard until you see the Apple logo appear, and a loading bar center of the screen.

When the screen for language selection, click on the entry Use the Italian as the main language and presses on arrow which is located at the bottom center. Therefore went to Disk Utility and click the Continue button to access the disk management utility.

In the window that opens, select the icon on the Mac disk (eg. APPLE SSD SMxx ) from the left sidebar and click on Initialize button located up. then type name that you want to assign to the drive (you can set any name), which occurs in the pull-down menu Format and scheme There are selected, respectively , options OS X extended (journaled) and partition Map (GUID) and click on Initialize button to start formatting the Mac disk.

Come formattare un Mac

Once the formatting process, close Disk Utility, select the Reinstall OS X Recovery from the start menu and click on Continue button that is placed in the lower right in order to download and install OS X on your computer. For further information we invite you to consult my guide to formatting a Mac in which I explained to you step by step how to refurbish computers of the “bitten apple.”

Come formattare un Mac

Please also note that if you were going to be formatted as Mac or however you’d prefer to format your PC without a CD via USB stick even in this case the transaction is possible.

To achieve your goal you can rely on DiskMaker X , a small free application that lets you create USB sticks for the installation of OS X El Capitan, Yosemite and Mavericks. The software takes advantage of the installation packages for OS X on the Mac App Store, so before using it you have to open the Mac App Store and re-download the version of the operating system that you want to copy on your stick. For more details about what to do you can consult my guide on how to format an Apple computer that I reported to you in the previous rows.