After trying it for a few weeks you’ve decided that Kik Messenger is not your thing? You would like to cancel your account by the application but do not know how to do that? If you want I can give you a hand, but I warn you: delete accounts Kik permanently is not possible! The only thing you can do is turn off your profile and make it “invisible” in search of friends.

seems like a subtle difference, that between account deactivation and deletion, but it is not: following the standard procedure for disabling the profile, in fact, all conversations and account information remain on Kik servers (which not be the case with the complete deletion of the account). Furthermore, the profile remains in a kind of “limbo” from which it can be invoked at any time. Just logging back into the application and everything is as before.

In short, once in Kik is not possible to get out of it … at least not as it would be desirable, that is, simply. Sure, you can try to contact technical support and submit a deletion request to the latter, but it is not obvious that the request is approved …. you have to be lucky! That said, if you’re still interested in something, take a few minutes of free time and find out how to disable your account Kik thanks to the information I am about to give you.

Getting Started

The deactivation of Kik account must be confirmed via a link that you receive via email, so before acting make sure that the email address associated with your profile is still valid and accessible.

To see what the email address associated with your account Kik, open the application, presses the icon of ‘ gear that you see at the top right and select the item Your account from the menu that pops up. If the email address does not match the one you use today, you “tap” on the latter, enter the address at which you currently have access, and presses the button OK to save the changes.

Another passage that I strongly recommend you take is related to the removal of all your data on Kik. To delete your personal data, ie name and payment method associated with your account Kik, start the application, presses the icon of ‘ gear located at the top right and select the item your account from the menu that pops up. Then “tap” on the items Name and Clear your payment method and proceed with the desired changes (such as name you can put whatever you want).

With regard to chat, I’m sorry, but Kik does not include a system of backup of conversations as WhatsApp. This means that by deactivating your account to lose all. If you want to save your chat Kik, you have to copy and paste them into a text file or “photograph” by making a screenshot of the screen of your smartphone.

How to disable a Kik account

Now I would say that you are ready to get into action and eliminate Kik account … in fact, turn it off! To disable your user profile, open the application Kik on the phone and presses the icon of ‘ gear located at the top right. Then select the item Your account from the menu that opens, select the option Exit and presses on Yes button to confirm resetting the app.

Come eliminare account Kik

Zeroing is an operation by which your account is disconnected from Kik and all conversations currently present in the application are deleted. After it is completed, connected to This Web page (from the computer or even from your smartphone), type l ‘ email address account linked to Kik to disable (in the text field located center of the screen) and click on Go! button.

Come eliminare account Kik

Finally, go to your mailbox, open the message you received by Kik and click Deactivate contained in the latter.

This will open a Web page where you’ll see a message confirming the deactivation of the profile and you will find a short questionnaire to fill out to explain the reasons that led you to account deactivation. Select, and then, from the available options (eg. My friends are not using it my friends are not using the app) and click on Go! button to complete the ‘ operation.

Come eliminare account Kik

Now your Kik account is disabled. This means that no longer appears in searches of other users and that disappeared from the address book of your friends, but is still present on Kik servers and can be reactivated with a simple login application.

That’s right! In case you change your mind and reactivate your account at Kik, you will need to do is start the application on your phone, log in with your account deactivated and confirm your intention to restore the profile. Unfortunately chat history will not be preserved (as mentioned earlier all conversations will be deleted), but you can start to use the service without having to create another account.

Delete a Kik account permanently

Deactivating an account is not the same as deleting it, this is because all of the user data remains on the server of the service (in this case Kik) and then remain potentially exposed to security risks.

If you want to try to require the complete deletion of your account, send an email to [email protected] and cross your fingers so that everything goes in the right direction. The message must be sent in English, but unfortunately it is not said that the request is approved. If successful, it points out that the same procedure can also be followed to delete an old account that no longer has access.

If you want more information on deactivation / deletion process of Kik account, try to take a look at official documentation service.