Admittedly, we’ve tried but social networking services are not just for you. That’s why now you have decided to delete your Facebook profile, and you disappear permanently from the company famous. If that’s what I really want, I can not help if you do not tell you is the best choice. But let me give you a small straight before you can perform this operation irreversible instead delete your profile how about hibernate Facebook ?

The functionality in question differs from the true and proper cancellation as it allows to suspend temporarily the account and restore your profile at any time just as if nothing had ever happened thus allowing the user to continue to use the social network as always done until just before the “hibernation.”


If you are interested in finding out what steps you need to make in order to hibernate Facebook, therefore I suggest you set aside for a moment the idea of ​​permanently delete your profile from social networks, and second of well sit back and focus on reading indications about what to do that you find below. I am sure that eventually you will be able to tell you happy and satisfied with everything. What do you say, we bet?

Preparing to hibernate Facebook

Before tell you which steps to take to be able to hibernate Facebook, I suggest you make a backup of your personal data on social networks might come in very handy to be able to access anytime, however, to information, photos, post and anything else did you choose to make available on the social network. To download a backup of your data from Facebook, first Provvedi to connect to social networks. To do so, type in the address bar and then presses the Enter button on your keyboard so that we can immediately connect to the main Web page of the service. Once there, type your access to Facebook information in the dedicated fields that are shown to you on the screen and then click the button that says Log .

now presses on the icon depicting a arrow pointing down located at the top right of the Facebook blue bar and click on the entry Settings [19459010annexed] to the menu It is shown. Then click on the first item Download a copy of your Facebook data and then Start my archive .

Once that is done, wait while the system prepares the ZIP package containing your photos, your posts, the conversations that you have made in chat and any other information that visitors on your profile (it may take a lot ‘of minutes, if not hours). When the archive is ready, you will receive an email containing the link to download this to your computer.

Upon receipt of the email, all you have to do will be to click on the button Download Store Facebook, type the password for your account on the social network and proceed to download the archive by clicking of Send .

What to do to hibernate Facebook

From computer

Come ibernare Facebook

At this point, you can finally take action real and then find out how to hibernate Facebook. To do so, to begin related primarily to the main page of the social network and if necessary to login again by entering the same data referring to your account.

Subsequently presses on the icon depicting a arrow pointing down located at the top right of the Facebook blue bar and then click on the item Settings [19459010annexed] to menu that you are shown.

In the new page that is displayed to you, click on the entry Protection placed on the left, find the line Deactivate your account located in the lower center of the screen and then click Change .

Next, click on the entry Deactivate your account in order to confirm your will to hibernate Facebook, if required re-enter the password for your account on the social network and then fill out the form you it is proposed, taking care to indicate the grounds on which you wish to do so. Finally click on Disable button.

From now on, your profile will be disabled, and therefore, your name and your image will be removed from most of the items you’ve shared on Facebook. Some information, such as your name on the lists of friends or the messages you sent, may, however, continue to be seen by other people.

From smartphones and tablets

Come ibernare Facebook

Hibernate Facebook is an operation that can be carried easily from smartphones and tablets, the app used the social network. To do this, grab your mobile device, go to the home screen of the same, and presses on the application icon of the social network.

After displaying the Facebook home screen, presses the button depicting three lines horizontally placed on the right, scroll down the screen which shows you the item and then presses Settings then stage of account settings . Then pressing on Protection and then you tap on the item Disable which are located in the lower right corner of the new screen that appears, to the entry account .

Finally, type your Facebook account password and confirm your desire to hibernate the profile to bring successfully completed the procedure.

In the case of second thoughts

Come ibernare Facebook

Since it is not a true and proper deletion of the profile, if I were true thoughts about the hibernate Facebook will be rebuilt to serve your account at any time, therefore, going to cancel the procedure above. To re-enable the use of your account, you just need to bring to you on the main page of the social network and log in by entering the data you’ve always used to access your account. If logged on, a message will warn you that your account has been reactivated successfully.

Subsequently, the Facebook profile will be immediately reactivated and you can continue to use it without problems as well as you have done up to prior to the deactivation of the same procedure.

The procedure to be carried out to rehabilitate the Facebook profile after hibernating is simple but if you still need more details you can have a look at my guide on how to rehabilitate the Facebook account .

What to do to permanently delete the account

Come ibernare Facebook

Have you thought it through and rather than hibernate Facebook would like to permanently delete your profile? In this case, connected to your account as I showed you in the previous rows after that click on the icon of arrow located at the top right on the main page of the social network and select the first item support center and then Visit the Help center from the menu that appears.

On the page at this point will go to open click on Manage Your Account and then click Deactivating and deleting account. Afterwards, click on the words How do I delete my account permanently? .

At this point, a box will appear in which you must click on the entry let us to access the account deletion form. On the page that opens, click on the button Delete my account . Then it will open a box in which the procedure to delete the Facebook account will be initiated.

Now enter the password associated with your Facebook account in the Password enter the security code shown in the center of the screen in the Enter the text (or select the required images ) and click on Ok button.

If all went for that alert you to the fact the right direction at this point you will be shown a message from Facebook that your account has been deleted.

Like the Facebook to hibernate process, all the operations to carry out the actual cancellation and your account may be also carried out by smartphones and tablets.

If you are willing to deactivate your account by acting as a smartphone or tablet, you’ll just start the app, then Facebook directly from your device, or access to social networks via the web browser on your device, press the icon depicting three horizontal lines to tap on the item Service & support and abide by procedure I showed you in the previous rows.

If you need more details about what to do, check out my tutorial on how to delete Facebook account by which I proceeded to give you all the explanations.