Match Club Continental Hockey League (KHL) are popular among fans. Now that hockey fans have the opportunity not only to watch the fight for the Gagarin Cup, but also to personally take part in writing the history of the League – and even to gain invaluable hockey trophy. This requires only a smartphone (or tablet) and the official application of the KHL.

First of all, the application of the KHL – a hub of relevant information for the hockey fan. Here you can monitor the statistics of meetings, clubs and players; watch key moments and translation – even when you are away from the TV; always have on hand the championship calendar. The app is free and is arranged quite convenient. The first time we are asked to create an account and select your favorite team. Then you can select the events that interest you, and enable them to notice – for example, on goals scored, the beginning of the periods, etc.

Everything is organized very clear, relevant sections do not have to look into the depths of the application – they are available in the main menu. Concise interface in the colors of steel does not distract from the main thing – information. Here there is even the club’s history and biographies of players, so that the application can be used not only to find out in real time, someone who scored – it is also a detailed encyclopedia of the CHL. The database is, by the way, works without an internet connection.

Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона

But perhaps the most interesting feature appeared in the company’s application KHL recently. This is an opportunity to support their team and its players. Developers in partnership with Mastercard launched the “Priceless League” . In this section during a match and for 10 minutes after you can vote for the best hockey player. Players with the highest number of our votes will receive trophies “priceless player,” and make the most priceless league.

Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона

Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона Как войти в историю КХЛ со смартфона

to further celebrate the contribution to the success of the fans favorite clubs, the award ceremony will include the presentation of prizes “priceless fan” – for the most active voting and other online activities. This prize, in fact, half of the “priceless” trophy, that is a fan of hockey and will receive their awards at the same time. It is planned to present 45 trophies “Priceless League” – the best players of all clubs and fans. Awards will be given at all stages of the playoffs. After the draw of Gagarin Cup organizers have called the best player and the most active supporter of the season.

So, you need to attend?

  1. Download KHL application the Play Store App Store or website .
  2. Sign in “Priceless League” within the app, choose your favorite club. Confirmation code comes to e-mail, phone number, do not ask.
  3. Vote for your favorite players during the match and immediately after them, to participate in other active and earn points. At any time, the best available statistics of players and fans.

In addition to the main prizes, and other promised: free broadcasting of matches, cash certificates. The main winners will pay the way to the ceremony. But most importantly – they will take their place of honor in the history of the KHL, even if they have never held a stick in his hands. So, help your favorite players to get a well-deserved award – and perhaps you too will receive his trophy