Gigabyte has unveiled at the grocery family Xtreme Gaming housing XC700W, for generating game desktop computers.

The novelty allows the installation of motherboard size mini-ITX, MicroATX and ATX. You can use up to eight expansion cards. There is space for three 3.5-inch drives and the same amount of storage in a form factor of 2.5 inches.

One of the side walls entirely made of tempered glass thickness of 4 mm, which opens up a great view of the installed components. The body is endowed with RGB-backlit, with a choice of 16.8 million colors and support effects.

The length of the discrete graphics cards can reach 430 mm, power supply – 220 mm. CPU cooler height must not exceed 170 mm.

At the top of the fan can be installed three 120 mm diameter or two fan size 140 mm. Behind originally designated 140-mm cooler. Perhaps the use of liquid cooling systems.

Housing dimensions are 593,5 × 240,5 × 546,6 mm, weight – 15.4 kg. On the front panel removed two ports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, a jack for headphones and microphone.