a few years ago specialists Capcom finally realized that the famous horror series should be changed. The audience too was used for shooting monsters and cooperative Resident Evil 6 and does split gamers into two camps :.. those who play understood and accepted, and those who still can not forgive Capcom fact of attempts to lure the audience Call of Duty Resident Evil 7 is based on completely different patterns Riddles, least action, weird and seems almost immortal semeika Baker. not long ago, the network has long gameplay demonstration project.

from the published video is clearly seen that the bulk of game (shown backstory of events was before) is a first-person mode. In addition, a full-blooded horror Resident Evil 7 turns into a psychological thriller with a dash of horror. Shoot will have less. Despite this, according to the authors, the project will preserve the features of its predecessor.

Recall, Resident Evil 7 release is scheduled for January 24 next year. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. How did you meet with the Resident Evil and what expect from the seventh part of the? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: 4pda.ru