HMD Global hopes to bring success to the Nokia brand


After acquiring the Nokia brand, HMD Global hopes to bring success to the historic brand in the smartphone industry competing with Samsung and Apple.

Having announced in May the return of Nokia brand, The Finnish company has formalized an agreement with Global HMD. The agreement, which lasts at least 10 years, has already led to the renewal of the telephone section on official website of Nokia.

The first smartphone Android targati historical company born from the partnership with Global HMD will come in first half of 2017 and will be manufactured by Foxconn and the goal is precisely to compete with now the market leader brands like Apple and Samsung, as stated by the President of the company Florian Seiche:

The market is flooded with undifferentiated and all the same products. We believe that we positioned perfectly to create new mobile device.

HMD Global was founded in May 2016 after acquired the Microsoft Mobile mobile industry which was founded after the acquisition of the phone division of Nokia by Microsoft in 2014.

Source: AppleInsider

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