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" Judgment recognizes the causal link between a Brain tumor and the use of a cell phone ". This is the verdict issued by Judge Luca Fadda of the Court of Ivrea by which INAIL is condemned to pay the perpetual annuity for the damage suffered by a Telecom employee who is suffering from cancer for using the cellphone for 15 years for more than 3 hours a day.

This is the first time an Italian court recognizes at first instance the oncogenic cause in the electromagnetic fields generated by the cell, despite the danger already being recognized by Iarc in 2011.

"I do not want to demonize the use of the phone but to avoid what happened to me you have to know how to use it properly," explains Roberto Romeo a Telecom employee. "At first I thought I had an ear infection, but then I realized that it was a lot worse."

After the "capped ear" effect, in Romeo the tumor was diagnosed in 2010, causing hearing loss from the right ear.

] Roberto Romeo

The lawyers Renato Ambrosio and Stefano Bertone – the winners of the case – have long been involved in an awareness campaign on the subject. Pregnant women and children are more susceptible to dangers, easily avoided with some simple things like using earbuds.

The greatest difficulty faced by the two lawyers was the fact that there are – to date – scientific studies that demonstrate the actual dangers of electromagnetic waves emitted by telephones. The Court of Ivrea expressed itself favorably, whereas, conversely, there is no medical-scientific study confirming the non-hazardousness


But the sentence has gone even further, as is stated in a note by the consultant Angelo Levis of the University of Padua:

"Based on the criteria listed in the preamble Of Iarc monographs, Rf / Mo emissions of mobile phones (cell phones and cordless) should be classified in group 1 of safe carcinogens for humans. "

The documentation submitted refers to several studies conducted by leading experts in the field, including Lennart Hardell of the Oncology Department of the University of Orebro (Sweden) . According to Levis, there is no doubt about the existence of a cause-effect relationship between habitual and long-term exposure to mobile phones and risk – at least doubled and statistically significant at 95% probability – of ipsilateral head tumors: gliomas Brain, meningiomas and acoustic neurons ".

The 23% permanent organic damage to Roberto Romeo will be compensated with an allowance of 500 euros a month for life.

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