In the current political phase, the Silicon Valley is openly democratic. there are many doubts about it and there will be even less after revelations emerged from the Podesta-mails package of Wikileaks, where the campaign manager of Hillay Clinton lists a number of interesting personalities who propose the vice Presidency. An interesting list where they detach the names of Bill and Melinda Gates Apple CEO Tim Cook the General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

Donald Trump has sworn to the gig economy: if he wins he will change. And by “things” the tycoon of the old company and US finance that does not want to be buried by nerd Californians it means the strong expansion of this economy that speaks a global language, looking at the global market and considers the nationalism of Trump as naive and outdated. In fact, with a few glaring exceptions like Peter Thiel – who has donated 1.25 million in Trump which so far they had just collected 300,000 – the choir is for Hillary Clinton. Tim Cook has tied to finger the trenchant opinion of the Republican candidate on the clash FBI-Apple, Microsoft Google, Facebook, with different shades contrasted the Republican policy (Mark Zuckerberg was even accused of manipulating the trending topic of a Republican theme articles in the newsfeed of the social network). Jeff Bezos has unleashed thirty journalists from the Washington Post to investigate his whole past life of Trump.

What wonder, then, in the words of mail dated March 17, 2016 where he worked closely with Hillary draws up a list of possible VP (vice president), which seems to correspond to the elite of the web giants? But be careful: everything is considered in an election campaign and a very different policy and that we Europeans do not always manage to understand. Together with Xerox administrators and Starbucks are also seen many other standard names, such as Michael Bloomberg, and we must not forget that Tim Cook has donated money to both parties (recently hosted a fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan, a conservative still, although quite hostile to Trump), and the proximity could be more personal, incidental than ideological.