How would play a platformer in which earth and sky are mixed? See it in Hop Swap.

[app 1128801236]

I platformer tend to be all very similar, but to be able to emerge from the great amount of titles for iOS you have to create something new, as done by the boys Nitrome. Hop Swap in fact is a fun platformer with gameplay original in which heaven and earth is constantly alternating with a division between yellow and blue, confusing from time to time our perception of the levels.

To move forward in our adventure Hop Swap fact we will have skip through the ground to pass from one side of the two worlds which represent an integral part of gameplay to solve puzzles that developers have devised .

Although intuitive gameplay will require adaptability and above all ingenuity to figure out when to switch from one world to another, he moves easily through the swipe in various directions on the screen.

The graphics are taken care of and very original, with retro touch that in recent years is gaining smartphones and tablets.

Hop Swap is available free of on the App Store.