By the end of 2016 almost half of the inhabitants of the earth will come to a global network. According to the UN, mainly users of the developed regions, where internet access is at 80 percent of the population.

The International Telecommunication Union says that only 40 percent of people in developing countries and about 15 percent from the third world can boast of belonging to the World Wide Web.

It turns out that only one in ten African happens online. And more often than not it is women, not old and not citizens.

One of the key missions of the UN – in 2020 to reach 60 percent of Internet earthlings. And although to date 3.9 billion can not afford to visit the sites, providers give a favorable forecasts.

The breakthrough associated with the mass production of cheap smartphones that will “consume” a decent amount of traffic.

I am glad that Facebook and Google are planning to make a contribution to howl – give the most remote corners of the network with the help of aeronautic balls


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