The Verizon Telecom group has reached an agreement to buy Yahoo in July, but the mass piracy which! group Marissa Mayer was the subject in September 2016 could undermine this acquisition.


The hackers that hit Yahoo! could have a significant impact on the takeover by Verizon

The Verizon found an agreement on July 25 to acquire the art of heart Yahoo !, group for $ 4.8 billion. But the group of Marissa Mayer was a mass piracy recently, a cyber attack that could jeopardize its acquisition by the US Telecom Group. The head of the legal department of the group said that his group had reason to believe that the impact of this piracy is important, without specifying whether the merger was possible or questioned.

In late July, Yahoo! and Verizon reach agreement

After various negotiations from groups like Microsoft or Google, it is ultimately the American operator Verizon that has acquired the business of the heart Yahoo !, group led by Marissa Mayer, for $ 4.8 billion in cash. The Telecom announced Monday, July 25 in a statement that it had reached an agreement with Yahoo, allowing it to increase its customer portfolio of one billion active users 600 million in mobile. In the statement issued on 25 July, Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s CEO states: “ There is a year we bought AOL to improve our strategy of providing a cross-connect displays to our clients, designers and advertisers . The acquisition of Yahoo positioned Verizon in the forefront of media companies, and will help accelerate the revenue stream in digital advertising. “ Yahoo will be positioned well within AOL and will be managed by Marni Walden, director of product innovation within the American group.


Two months later, Yahoo! suffered the largest mass piracy of its history!

Last September, Yahoo! Mail is the subject of the largest mass piracy of its history, with no less than 500 million accounts affected, at the dawn of redemption many services by the US operator Verizon . Yahoo! confirmed by a cyber attack in a statement: “ We can confirm that our users’ information were stolen late 2014. We believe that this is an attack from a linked to a state entity . “ Data from more than 500 million accounts were stolen and would include emails, user names, birth dates, phone numbers, but also security issues to find words password and access to the accounts and the answers given by the account holders, and the encrypted passwords.

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Yahoo! must now convince Verizon

Craig Silliman, head of the legal group Verizon said it expects Yahoo explains the impact of mass piracy which he was the subject . If the latter is important, it must inform the American operator. Yahoo’s leaders will have to convince those of Verizon and reassure following the hacking was done so that the procurement process properly proceed. In addition, the Yahoo! group redid the headlines in the month of October. Various rumors indicated that the group would have spied on thousands of email accounts, clients, at the request of US authorities, after the latter had sent a directive to the group of Marissa Mayer.