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The Internet of Things (or IoT) is there, and as said the trend, the more we can connect with people and objects better. And in an era where even the house lamp is part of this network, the wonders of technology also face a huge development problems.

According to researchers at cybersecurity firm Incapsula, a failure 12 years ago is still being used by hackers to invade and overthrow the systems of things connected, which have no common security practices such as the computers and servers, providing a relatively easy loophole to exploit. The idea of ​​the survey is to alert both developers and users IoT technology.

This is a failure of DDoS . Now, hackers have managed to create botnets upon this vulnerability to intercept the intelligent devices and systems as well access the networks where they are installed, knocking down sites, invading government platforms and other safe locations.

One of these botnets is called Mirai, which has open source and is freely accessible for both hackers and for researchers. She not only hijacks computers, as well as contaminated with malware and viruses to corrupt the entire system.

Some specialized developers Internet things are already aware that security needs to be taken seriously even in connected devices, but there are still many of these gadgets that are sold in the market without the least security. A device like this, seemingly harmless, may end up serving as a bridge between the hacker and the domestic or local, which leads to compromise even the physical integrity of homes and businesses. Just imagine that a hacker can open the gate of a house, for example, and the damage is done.

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