Hackers invade database largest sex site and swing the world


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Last year, the adult dating site Adult FriendFinder suffered a hacker attack and had leaked sensitive information. Now, over a year after the event, a hacker called Revolver (or 1×0123) claims to have violated the site and accessed its database.

The attacker claims to have achieved login credentials that give access to the platform’s key functions -. Not to mention users’ personal information, such as names, location, sexual preference and other registered details on the website

On the evening of Tuesday (18), through his Twitter account, the hacker released images to show that he had to process a part of the site’s infrastructure. Another famous hacker, known as Peace, also claims to have invaded the Adult FriendFinder and gained access to the database of 73 million users. Peace says have used a backdoor which was released two years ago to enter the database site, which bills itself as “the largest community of sex and swing the world.”


on the morning of Wednesday (19), a FriendFinder spokesman said the company was aware of reports of a “security incident”. “We are investigating to determine the veracity of the reports. If the security incident is confirmed, we will work to resolve any problems and notify all customers who may have been affected,” he added.

The last attack on the Adult FriendFinder systems, which happened in 2015, exposed the identities of about 4 million users of the dating service.

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