Hackers cleaned branch of Russian bank


One of Russian banks lost more than 100 million rubles as a result of a hacker attack on its automated banking system (ABS), transfers “Kommersant” with reference to persons close to the CBR. Currently, law enforcement agencies and the Bank of Russia FinCERT inspect the incident.

According to the source, the attack was subjected to one of the regional branch of the credit institution, whose name is not disclosed. It reported only that cybercriminals are supposedly penetrated to the internal network of the bank and took advantage of the vulnerability of ABS, which is the developer of the company “Diasoft”. As a result of the payment of the ABS was held from spoofing. However, while this preliminary information, so that conclusions can be made only after it will be announced the first results of the investigation. If the fact of burglary is confirmed, it will be the first case of a successful attack on the brakes with such a serious injury.

As “Kommersant” notes clients “Diasoft” are more than three hundred Russian financial institutions, including the “Savings Bank”. However, in the “Savings Bank” this information is not confirmed, assuring that use a different ABS, which has been developed in view of the possible threats and contains all the necessary tools to protect against attacks.

In the “Diasoft” about a particular incident, too, do not specify anything, but at the same time declare that in the last few weeks have not received any complaints from customers related to information security.

Automated banking system – a hardware and software package with which credit institutions are the automation of its activities. The ABS data is stored on the customers and their accounts, payment orders are processed, and so on. N. ABS is usually isolated from the external communication channels and working in the internal networks of banks.


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