The increasing popularity of drones and their availability to customers has led to the emergence of tools that can protect the private / commercial / public ownership of these flying potentially dangerous machines. to date, a considerable number of systems for the disposal of the UAV, but more often they are effective only a short distance. This fact not only reduces the effectiveness of protective measures, but also increases the risk, if the offender carries explosives. that is why the Australian company DroneShield developed electron gun Dronegun, able to stop the drone at a distance of 2 km.

 Dronegun - gun for neutralization drone-offenders (video)

Although external awesome view and weight 6 kg, Dronegun, like most analogs, does not destroy the drone, and with the help of directional source blocks signals from the hiding operator. Since the aircraft no longer receive commands and can not determine their place on the GPS or GLONASS, it either returns to the starting position, where took off (and thus have a chance to find someone of the intruder) or starts to fall to the ground. The work of the electron gun is not physically damage the flyer and allows you to remotely send a command to self-destruction.

The manufacturer plans to sell his invention to the world, but its value is not reported

 Dronegun -. Gun for neutralization dronov- offenders (video)


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