Published October 17, 2016 – 5:16 p.m. by Stéphane Ficca

Ground, Ambassador of the VR made in Sony

Older necessarily remember floor, this sort of music-videogame landed UFO on the Sega Dreamcast and PS2 in 2001. Fifteen years later, to be included in the line-up of the new PlayStation VR the virtual reality helmet made in Sony, the same floor is back a brand new version, Infinite.

Resulting from the spirit of Testuya Mizuguchi (to whom we owe many other music titles), Ground is a game for the least share in the videogame world, with a rail shooter psychedelic rather simplistic in form, but the gameplay is based on the reflexes of the player, to give rise to a festival of light and sound, all, of course gradually.

A musical trip to the ultra sleek look, then, returning in 2016 as an ambassador of the brand new VR technology. Note however that unlike a Driveclub VR or Batman Arkham VR Ground Infinite do not necessarily require the PlayStation VR to operate, and can thus enjoy the game in Full HD 60 fps, and soon in Ultra HD 4K and 60 fps on future PlayStation 4 Pro.


However, we must admit that when we had the pleasure of trying this floor via PlayStation VR helmet, it is very difficult to reverse. Even if the game keeps a similar gameplay (via the DualShock 4), advantage via PlayStation VR an absolutely exceptional immersion, with a player who finds himself literally immersed in the heart of this unusual world, with the ability to move her gaze 360 ​​degrees, looking for enemies of course, but also simply to admire the “inside” matrix.


side content, Ground Infinite resumed full 5 levels of the original game but adds to it a new mode, called Area X. A new mode for a period of life that will not exceed a quarter of an hour, but by allowing to benefit from a slightly different gameplay, with the ability to direct its character and adjust its speed or even stop it completely if desired . Eshtétiquement include the Ground leg, but sublimated here by effects of a beauty (and simplicity) sometimes staggering. Again, Area X mode is playable in a traditional way, but it’s definitely in VR than it is to savor.

Regarding the overall lifespan, it is possible to get around this Infinite Ground in just two hours, but it is obvious that one return occasionally to rebuild a small trip, and / or that can hold a few evenings to (re) discover this quite extraordinary VR for once his friends, including the skeptics, who will be here soon seduced the first seconds of the game.

Our Verdict

If it is entirely possible to remain unmoved at the concept of floor, the gameplay via PlayStation VR helmet here brings a real added value to the basic game, even to literally transfigure the game experience. While the trip is a bit ephemeral (2 hours max big), but all can enjoy a musical and visual experience quite unique in its kind, not to mention the Area X, literally cut to measure for the VR.