resource staff tested 13 cards in Battlefield 1 in different quality settings and resolutions. Let us come to some tests and general conclusions.

Firstly, it is worth saying that the game is very well optimized: at 1080p with maximum quality settings on the video card 4-year-old Radeon R9 280X and Radeon HD 7970 player receives the order on average 50 frames / sec. With minor optimizations and graphics acceleration can achieve 60 frames easily / s. From the NVIDIA about the same level of performance it provides the GeForce GTX 780, which at the time was much more expensive. As for the cards above the GTX 780, their performance is excessive. We can only note that AMD cards show a little better NVIDIA counterparts: AMD R9 390X bypasses the more expensive GTX 980 Ti, and the RX 480 is superior competitor in the face GTX 1060:

The resolution is 2560 × 1440 hierarchy performance as a whole remains unchanged. 1080 GTX remains the leader. Separation R9 390X compared to GTX 980 Ti increased. The following should still be a block of cards about the same level of performance: the RX 480, R9 290, 1060 GTX, RX 470 and GTX 970. GTX 780 Accelerators and R9 280X is already significantly behind the psychological bar at 60 frames / sec:

The 4K mode, no card can not exceed the average bar 60 frames / sec. The closest to this mark crept GTX 1080 with its 58 frames / sec. Accelerator R9 Fury X comes second, avoiding a 980 Ti, GTX and 1070. Five RX 480 graphics cards, RX 470, R9 290, 1060 GTX and GTX 970 still form a common unit, issuing the order of 30 frames / sec. All boosters below GTX 970 does not provide a sufficient frame rate for normal games:

In terms of performance per dollar in Battlefield 1 lead AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card , Radeon R9 Fury X and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060:

Finally, a few words must be said about the results of Battlefield 1 in DirectX 11 mode. According to test results accelerators NVIDIA regardless of generation lose when using DirectX 12 and demonstrate better performance in DirectX 11 mode. This The situation is in some other games (such as Deus Ex Mankind Divided):

The above diagram refers to tests in resolution 2560 × 1440 with maximum settings quality, but a similar situation is observed in 1080p and 4K resolutions. Perhaps the developers and NVIDIA in the future to identify the problem and eliminate the unfortunate situation, because Battlefield 1 – one of the most beautiful and anticipated games of the year