it says action camera and is thought to GoPro . It is the brand that more than any other has contributed to the spread of video cameras on the market by its compact size, enclosed in a sturdy shell, water resistant and can operate in all weather conditions, even enduring shocks, falls and violent stresses. Products suitable for athletes, to be mounted on the helmet, on the handlebar and even to wear. Things, however, in recent times have not gone well in the past.

This is how you open a time of crisis . To get out before the decision to build less models, then to embrace the universe of drones with the launch of quadcopters Karma for the aerial shots, unfortunately suffering from a serious problem that decreed the call . In short, the company needs to overcome the impasse and to do so, he has opted for the most drastic method and brutal in order to contain operating expenses: will be laid off 15% of the workforce . With the new year, 200 employees of GoPro will have to seek a new job elsewhere. Through this and other initiatives that will be put in place, the objective stated by CEO Nick Woodman is to save, in 2017, a total of 650 million dollars.


President Tony Bates will leave his role at the end of December and in an official statement emphasizes that the current leadership is committed to ensuring the profitability of the core business. The road taken seems to be the right one: over the last twelve months sales through the network of US dealers increased by 35%. The crisis GoPro is linked to several factors, one of which consists of the increasingly advanced video recording capabilities of smartphones. The company therefore is having to convince potential buyers that buy a action camera is still affordable and that offers tangible benefits.