A new threat is putting at risk the safety of users in the mobile arena. It’s called Gooligan and is a malware that affects the ecosystem Android . Its diffusion method is similar to that already seen and analyzed many times in similar situations: the device affects the victim when you install the APK file corrupted application or by clicking on a malicious link sent via SMS or in chat conversations.

The extent of the danger is quite extensive: it is about one million Google Account potentially compromised. According to the report delivered by Check Point team, most of these are due to Asian consumers, while 19% live in the Americas. For the unfortunate there is the risk of having personal information compromised, documents and statements related to platforms and services such as Google Photos Play Store, Google Drive Docs, Gmail, and G Suite . Infected devices send information to a remote server controlled by those who organized and pulled off the attack.

How does the ‘ put attack scored by Gooligan malware

The best method of protection against the dangers of this type is still to rely solely and exclusively to the official store Google Play (or other highly reliable sources believed) when you want to download and install a new application. Also, one should pay close attention when receiving messages via links that point to unknown Web sites or suspicious. Activate ‘ authentication in two steps of bigg is another method to ensure the security of your account even if the username and password were intercepted by some hacker. Adrian Ludwig, director of Android Security division, commented on the story through Check Point’s blog.

We appreciate both the search for Check Point that their collaboration, useful to understand the problems of this type. As part of our ongoing aim to ensure the protection of our users from malware Ghost Push family, we have implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of the entire Android ecosystem.