Soon, Google will begin to index the web pages for search results quite different than it does now. In the next few months, the company uses the previously announced plan of mobile pages indexed separately from the pages for desktop browsers. This was announced by Google worker at a conference last week.

The company plans to show more relevant search results to mobile users is because PC-indexing will not be performed as often as mobile. This means that soon PC users literally have to be content with a little outdated information.

All this also points to the fact that web sites and publishers have to worry about the compatibility of their mobile online products, or attendance at such sites will start to fall quite rapidly. At the same time, mobile indexing can allow the company to use its own ranking algorithm separately for mobile content, rather than relying on information obtained through the indexing table of content.

This is the last step Google in an attempt to improve the quality of search on mobile devices. More recently, the company introduced the so-called “accelerated mobile page” (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – technology which allows much faster to load mobile news content found through Google. Moreover, technology enables publishers of the revenue from advertising.

the Google did not tell exactly when it is going to launch a new mobile indexing, however, it’s probably going to happen very soon.