Google Timelapse shows how in 32 years has changed the earth (6 videos)


at the beginning of last month, NASA published a shot from the orbit of the video of the Earth, which clearly shows the change in ice cover Arctic in the summer season from 1984 to 2016. Following in the Google Corporation placed at least interesting videos about the 1984 and 2016 changes in the Earth.

Updated function Timelapse built into the Google Earth program, demonstrates how certain parts of the world transformed for the thirty-two period. The growth of cities, the melting of glaciers, the modified people landscape, crushing the Aral sea – all of this can be seen through 5 million high quality photographs from satellites Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2

The rest of the videos can be seen on Google Earth Outreach official website at the YouTube ..

Source: the Google

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