Google launches Sprayscape, a photo application for Android 360 particularly delusional



Sprayscape, the perfectly imperfect Google app

The US giant Google today announced the availability of a surprise all new photo app: Sprayscape. A program is only available on Android (for now) that can capture snapshots particularly creative and compatible with virtual reality. A signed Application Google Creative Lab which describes itself as “ a VR-ish camera perfectly imperfect “.

to function , Sprayscape based on gyro smartphone, and asks the user to capture images of a rather original way. Indeed, instead of pressing a release button (like on a conventional picture software), it will leave here a finger on the screen, while the mobile movement to capture all or part of the environment. For Google, this is to replicate the movement of spray paint (in “spray” so) and display the recorded image on the screen depending on the duration of the pressure exerted on the screen.


In this regard, a short press will effectively capture a blurred image, and the user will maintain the pressure, the image will be sharp and colorful. But where Sprayscape makes sense is that it is possible (and highly recommended) to overlay different layers catches by multiplying the image captures, with longer or shorter pressures.

On screen, this translates into visible images 360, which can obviously include particularly wacky items, with overlays of items that can do anything have in common.