Some say that SMS are now an obsolete form of communication, destined soon to be superseded by instant messaging applications. Hard to blame him, considering the huge success achieved by the most economic and versatile alternatives like WhatsApp . But there who still believes and focuses on traditional messages: in this case is Google, with an initiative aimed to advertisers .

This is the possibility of including, in advertising on Search Engine a button that connects the potential customers with those who buy space advertising. As shown in the screenshot attached below, under the telephone number for the call the voice “appears Got questions? Send us a text! “(Translated” You have questions? Send us a message! “). Just a tap to compose an SMS precompiled according to the nature of the service or product offered: in the case of a hotel, for example, can be “Hi, I’m interested to make a reservation, please answer”. This way you create a direct and immediate contact.

Advertisers will be able to receive text messages from potential customers directly through advertisements on the search engine

The feature has been successfully tested by bigg in recent months and over the next few weeks will make its official debut on the international search engine. For obvious reasons it is an initiative aimed exclusively at Google mobile version and even more in detail to those who sail from smartphones, because it requires a telephone number for sending and receiving SMS messages .

And on the subject in recent weeks Facebook has announced who will be able to make purchases through the app Messenger another effort aimed at always decline more the distance between companies and their customers, already acquired or potential.