According to Google, a significant proportion of travelers (69% of Americans) when you buy tickets to worry about, whether they were able to find the best deal, and if they make the right choice at all. To prevent users from unnecessary emotions, the company decided to upgrade service Google Flights (Google Flights), to teach him to predict a possible increase in ticket prices.

So, when choosing a particular flight, users will see a notification with information about for how long may be relevant price, there is expected to increase, and how much you can save by making a purchase at the most opportune moment . If the user is not interested in a certain flight and direction, the service helps you find the best deals, recommend more successful date or alternative airports.

Monitor price changes also become more convenient: the service will now be sent to the post office information about when you can expect them to increase or, conversely, decrease. It is worth noting that in the preparation Google Flights forecasts based on statistical data, so it can not guarantee one hundred percent accuracy. New features will be available in the coming weeks in all countries where the service is running.