Google Pixels and Pixel XL: some users are having serious problems with the cam


The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL are undoubtedly excellent smartphone, however, are certainly not perfect and free from defects. According to the findings of a thread in this Official Google page for the community Pixel some users have found a serious problem related to the camera their Pixels and Pixels XL.

It all started with a single message, which occurred in October by the bearer of a Pixel XL, who has posted the screen that illustrate the problem with the camera: The image is altered by colored bands purple the upper part of the image is played back in the bottom of the screen, there are numerous artifacts and, last but not least, the app seems to crash completely. According to what stated by the user, this behavior occurs quite regularly and it is not sporadic errors.

following its report, several others have highlighted this issue and, thanks to teamwork that characterizes all communities, you come to understand that the defect seems to be relegated to the international versions Pixel and Pixel XL .

Google is initially intervened in the matter through the usual service of live chat support, advising the user to erase data and camera app cache, suggesting even try to remove it and install it again, but this did not produce any useful result. Unfortunately, with increasing reports, Google has stopped responding to issues related to this problem, then you expect a official statement that can bring light on the mystery and suggest a solution ultimately the problem.

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