At the time of the official launch, many have wondered if the new Google Pixel would offer the same possibilities for customization of many other smartphones based on Android, through the installation and custom ROM firmware. The answer comes directly from the group of Mountain View and will please all those who fall into the category of geeks .

It will be possible to carry out the bootloader unlock for all units of Pixels and Pixel XL purchased from the official store of bigg, or from the Google Store. The speech may be different for those bought through telephone operators: Verizon, for example, has already confirmed that it will independently manage the release of future updates, making up their noses to some users. This is the statement made by Iska Saric, Google spokesman, WonderHotTo on the site pages.

Yes, the Pixel owners who purchase the device from the Google store will be able to make the root of the smartphone. The Pixel phones bought by Google Stoe will be provided with an unlockable bootloader.

It should be noted that the transaction will make it impossible to receive and install automatically the OTA updates (over-the-air) of the operating system, which in the case of Android 7.0 Nougat they will be applied in seamless or with a simple reboot, without requiring a long wait as they did with previous versions of the platform.

Staying on the theme of Pixel, in order week Google released a new spot dedicated to its top of the range smartphone: you are titled “Pose by You, Phone by Google” and not focus attention on any aspect, feature or specification in particular, but it is accompanied by the song “Take a walk on the wild side” by Lou Reed as a soundtrack. Here he is in streaming below.