this week start selling the first smartphone designed by Google and released, – Pixel and Pixel XL. During the presentation, representatives of the company highlighted photo and video capabilities of the devices, and authoritative resource DxOMark even called them the best camera on the market. Large foreign resources already published a review of Pixel Pixel and the XL, and almost all agree that the “pixels” removed at the latest flagships from Samsung and Apple’s, and in some cases even bypass them. Resource The Verge decided to interview Mark left, division head of the Google Research, takes photographs, to find out what is the secret chamber of new smartphone from Google.

Google Pixel

Immediately it is worth noting that Mark left no firsthand knowledge of the chambers. Prior to the “pixel” he worked on the Jump Google project, a continuous shutter mode in Google Glass, the famous regime HDR +, which is the exclusive Google smartphones. Mark also lectured about the photos at Stanford. So you can be sure that Google’s camera devices are in good hands.

Mark Left said that the owners of the XL Pixel Pixel and should always keep the HDR mode + activated. He believes that people are simply no reason to cancel it. HDR problem and other smartphones HDR + Nexus line in devices is that image processing takes several seconds. In the case of “pixels” that occurs instantaneously.

HDR-image, as a rule, are created by combining multiple images with the exposure, exposed to different areas, but Pixel implements HDR quite otherwise. Instead, the camera is “pixel” underexposes each image and enhances them with the mathematical “magic”. Left notes that Pixel gives the right colors in low light conditions and reduces the amount of noise.

“Mathematically speaking, take a picture of the area in the shade – is to get the right color, but in this case appears a lot of noise, because not many photons fall on those pixels, but then comes the work of mathematics If I take nine.. images, the noise becomes less than three times -. the square root of the number of photos that I made therefore making more shots, you get a higher quality picture, “- says Mark left


also asked about the absence of optical stabilization smarfton that have been the subject of much debate. Mark explained that HDR + mode, this option is simply not needed. He also says that the picture quality will become better and better over time, as the software will be trained. According to this statement, then a few months later on the pictures Pixel Pixel and the XL will turn out even better than it is now.