Duration of operation on a single battery charge for many is one of the most important options when choosing a smartphone. Recently one of the users of Reddit got their hands on the smartphone Google Pixel before his appearance in the sale and posted screenshots of the energy consumption data during normal use, so in these screenshots you can get quite objective picture of the duration Google Pixel battery life.

The usage statistics, we can see the camera, navigation, Wi-Fi and other features that actively consume battery power. The first place in energy consumption expected takes the smartphone screen.

Google Pixel

The user was active from 9:00 to 22:30, at the same time never charged smartphone. This means that after 12 hours in a mixed Google Pixel mode preserves 40% more battery power. The remaining charge of the theory could be enough even for 8 hours of use.

For more screenshots to Reddit provide detailed information about the operation of the device. More than 3 hours of the screen make up 33% of total energy consumption, which can be considered a good result against the background of many current champions.

Google Pixel

Smartphones Google Pixel Pixel XL and were presented October 4 San Francisco and replaced the popular line of Nexus. Google Pixel battery capacity of 2770 mAh, while Pixel XL, this figure reaches 3450 mAh.

Source: phandroid.com