Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners complain about new problems with the camera


In Google the Pixel and Pixel XL features one of the best mobile camera among smartphones, and Google says that she does the best on the mobile market. at the same time immediately after the start of sales users started complain on strongly pronounced halo effect in photos when hit by a light source image. this is due to the lens design, and Google has promised to fix it in software. But, as it turned out it’s not the only problem with the camera “pixels.” During shooting on the screen appear pink and purple stripes and the image part and all hovers.

 Google Pixel

” The camera in my Pixel XL has serious problems. Very often, though not always, it freezes and the display appear pink / purple vertical stripes. These colored blocks are moved around the screen randomly, “- says one of the owners of the smartphone Pixel XL

The first complaint on this issue appeared in October, and since then the number of users faced with it increased.. at the same time Google representatives have ceased to respond to reporting bugs most interesting is that the problem occurs only in the international versions of Pixel and Pixel the XL

 Google Pixel

The use of third-party camera app does not correct the situation. Some users have been able to replace the units with new ones, but after a while the bug appeared again.


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