Google Pixel and iPhone 7 dropped from a height of over 300 meters


Many believe that Google Pixel and iPhone 7 are very similar. both smartphones are made in the metal housing. Google Pixel protected by IP53 standard, while the iPhone 7 carried out in accordance with standard IP67, so can survive immersion in water for a long time. But most of the smart phones are damaged not from water, and after the fall. Source UnlockRiver decided to see what would happen with Google Pixel and iPhone 7, if they fall from a height of 1000 feet, or almost 305 meters.

For this experiment, both the smartphone lifted into the air by a drone, and as a location has been selected an empty parking lot. After reaching the desired altitude drone took off Google Pixel and iPhone 7 down. Upali smartphones directly to concrete, so the chances of survival, they had a little bit.

After the fall of the two devices were out of service, and their displays were broken up into small pieces. Interestingly, Google Pixel metal case was not so much damage, and glass insert and all remained intact. But the iPhone 7 even body bent back, and a slot for SIM-cards and all departed while hitting the ground.


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