Presenting smartphones Pixels and Pixel XL in early October, Google described them as the best devices ever in the mobile market in terms of skills and photographic performance. A strong statement, but this was found later confirmed by tests conducted by both user and the specialized press: is the quality of the captured images that the recorded videos (thanks to the stabilization) is more than satisfactory. However, some owners of the two phones are reporting an anomalous behavior of Camera 12.3-megapixel on the back of the shell.

The problem manifests itself in the form that you can see in the attached images in this article. O causes crash suddenly, leading to the blocking of the device, or due to the inexplicable appearance of large vertical lines pink making it impossible to capture the images. Reports are coming through the Google platform groups and Mountain View giant will be able to raise the necessary feedback to identify the hitch and fix it as soon as possible by the release of a dedicated update. Apparently the bug occurs both with the official application with those third parties.

The problem at the Google smartphone camera Pixel reported by some users

Some reports speak of a relationship with the behavior of modules dedicated to mobile connectivity, but at the moment it is not clear what the dynamics involved. video recording also appears to be impaired. By Google, for now, all is quiet. But hardly will leave bigg buyers of Pixels and Pixel XL the current top of the range Android ecosystem, at the mercy of a similar problem, so serious as to be allowed to spoil the experience of using the devices.

 The problem with the camera of the smartphone Google Pixel reported by some users

The problem at the Google smartphone camera Pixel reported by some users