Google organized the connection between clients and advertisers by SMS


Google launched a new tool that allows advertisers to communicate directly with customers via SMS, sent through advertising in search Google. Internet giant tested a so-called adware extension «click-to-message» for several months, and in the coming weeks it has become available to many more advertisers assured Amit Agarwal (Amit Agarwal), senior manager of advertising in mobile search.

The tool applies only to the SMS-messages, and therefore available for use on mobile devices. Consequently, the advertiser who wants to use an extension, there must be a phone number that supports sending and receiving of SMS-messages.

Those who are already familiar with the service Google AdWords contextual advertising, setting a new extension should not cause any problems – will be enough to introduce a certain amount of additional information in the ad extensions tab within AdWords. After configuring the clients, looking on Google for keywords already paid, will see a small icon to send a message next to the advertisement. By clicking on this icon the user will open a standard application to send SMS with the entered message already that advance shall be selected by the advertiser. The client, of course, be able to edit the message.

promotes the Google mobile messaging as an additional channel through which customers can communicate with the companies, and it is not at all surprising. In parallel, Facebook is promoting his messenger as a platform for customer service, as well as working on a product similar to that described above Google expansion. SMS-message, despite the prevalence of messengers, still popular – according to last year’s study Pew Internet, 97% of smartphone owners in the US send SMS at least once a day



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