Google has released in recent hours the 4.25.0 version Maps for iOS platform. The new version of the popular app navigation shows two main novelties in addition to introducing the inevitable bug fixes .

The official changelog refers to:

Displaying traffic information on your Home screen with widgets Traffic nearby search of places along the way when you get directions Bug fixes

with the new widget, there Maps inform you at all times on the present traffic in the vicinity of our position when switching to a small map that will show traffic state with two different colors: red for slow moving cars and green for normal scrolling.

The latest, finally sees the introduction of a new feature (already present for some time on Android) that will allow you to search for places during the turn-by-turn navigation simply by activating the search button and choosing the different options shown as “gas stations”, “restaurants” and many others.

The new update is already available for download on the App Store.

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